Mediumship is typically described as the practice of certain people – the mediums – to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead or other transcendent entities, and living human beings.

A specific subtype of mediumship is physical mediumship. Here, large-scale physical anomalies such as inexplicable object movements or the sudden appearance of objects in a closed space are supposed to be mediated by the medium and its associated entities. Often, these phenomena take place in darkness or in dim red light in a specifically equipped séance room.

Whilst it is certain that strange things do happen around some mediums, the explanation regarding the origins of these phenomena is often not easy to find. For example, many mediums of the past turned out to be frauds. Personally, I followed the development of a well-known physical medium for a number of years, and indeed, I found out that also this medium produced phenomena in a fraudulent manner (Nahm 2014a).

Unfortunately, practical studies into physical mediumship are useless as long as mediums refuse to sit under appropriate  control conditions. At present, there seems to be no physical medium that is willing to agree to such controls.

During a séance (Photo: M. Nahm)