There are many more near-death phenomena (NDP) apart from Terminal Lucidity. Among them are near-death experiences (NDEs), unexplained healings and bodily changes after NDEs, near-death visions, physical or electrical anomalies occuring around the time somebody dies, unusual music heard at deathbeds, and mists or lights leaving the body of the dying. Most of these phenomena are known via anecdotal reports, but all of them could be studied with standard methods applied in human science.

In any case, it is important to understand that NDEs and the other NDP are no isolated oddities of human existence, but form an interconnected continuum of experiences in near-death states.

Consequently, when explanatory models for these phenomena are put forward, they need to take the whole range of NDP into account. I explored these interconnections in my second book (Nahm 2012) and in a paper (Nahm 2011a).

More recently, I co-initiated a study performed in a Swiss hospital on NDP. Also in this study, nurses reported numerous remarkable NDP (Klein et al. 2017).

Small tortoiseshell (Photo: M. Nahm)